EZ Pickin' Guitar Workshop

Offered by Johnny MacLeod of Johnny and The East Coast Rockers

Johnny's approach to learning guitar is derived from his own self taught home-grown roots style music from the early age of ten. As he believes with his own band, Johnny and The East Coast Rockers, music should be fun, not a chore.

Johnny will take you through the easy steps of chords and riffs while not getting caught up in charts and encourage vocals. As an extra bonus, with each 10 lessons, you will get a free one hour cd recording on Johnny's own label, Blue Seal Records to be performed in a comfortable studio setting. Discover the music in you! 

Price List:

  • Private Guitar Workshop $50.00/hr.
  • $30/half hour
  • One month paid in advance
  • Cash or Check
  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • Gift Certificates also available

No need to fret...It's EZ Pickin'

For more information, contact Johnny or call 401-348-0504.


Hi Johnny –

I wanted to share with you what an impact you have on Aidan (that I don’t think you realize you do). He was having an absolutely terrible afternoon and was very upset about some little jerks at school that were calling him names.  He was crying and wanted me to cancel his lesson with you. Anyways, I said to him – come on let’s just get in the car and head over there – remember how Johnny tells you that music is healing. When we left you last night he said – Johnny was right, playing guitar with him made me feel so much better! 

So even though you didn’t realize it - you indirectly helped him yesterday - THANK YOU – he really looks up to and admires you.


Hi Johnny,

I just wanted to reach out and say hi. I can't say enough about how excited I am for Maddy and her new found passion for guitar. It's amazing to see how fast she's learning! I'm a proud papa. Anyways, I felt compelled to send you an email and say thanks. You're doing a great job! It takes rare patience and a genuine interest in your art to take the time to share and teach a young beginner. I understand and appreciate that. I just heard her play last night and she sounded great! She played Yellow Submarine for me. Sang too! It was awesome. I'm a HUGE Beatles fan. I couldn't stop smiling. She has a nice voice too! I have to be honest, I had no idea. I knew she had a good ear! 

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks again, man!

- Damian (proud papa)


Thank you for teaching our daughter to play her acoustic guitar. Each week she enjoys coming to her lesson ready to learn! When we ask her what she enjoys most about her guitar lessons, she says that you keep it fun and you inspire her to learn more. Not bad coming from a 10 year old!

Thanks again Johnny!

- Josh and Rosanna

For 5 years now, Johnny has been providing quality one on one guitar instruction to my daughter.  

Meadow started playing with Johnny at age 6 and has enjoyed every session thus far! 

Johnny's calm and patient demeanor provides for an excellent learning atmosphere for people of all ages!

- Emily