Johnny and The East Coast Rockers
Johnny and The East Coast Rockers


4-22-18:Tamarack Lodge in Voluntown Ct at 3:00-6:30.Take a short ride to the country side and enjoy Earth Day with some dance, food, and drink!!.

5-20-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

5-28-18:Bills Seafood in Westbrook Ct 2:00

6-1-18:Steak loft in Mystic Ct 7:00

6-17-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

6-24-18:Andrea at Misqaumicut  Beach RI 1:00

7-4-18:Bills Seafood in Westbrook Ct 2:00

7-15-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

8-1-18:Blues On The Block.Town Beach in Block Island RI 6:00

8-19-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

9-3-18:Bills Seafood in Westbrook Ct. 2:00

9-7-18:Steak Loft in Mystic Ct 7:00

9-16-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

10-21-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

11-9-18:Steak Loft in Mystic Ct 7:00

11-18-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

12-16-18:Donahue's in Madison Ct 4:30

1-1-19: Bills Seafood "New Year Day" in Westbrook Ct 2:00

Weddings and Private Events:

The Band regularly plays at private functions and enjoys customizing their sets to match the mood of the event. From Corporate Parties to the Perfect Wedding, the Band will get the crowd on their feet and dancing the night away. Contact Johnny for booking information and rates.